The hearing on the bail petition of Congress MLA NA Haris's son, NA Nalapad will be out in a short while. It's been 100 days since Nalapad landed in jail after he bashed a 24-year-old Vidvath over a petty issue, on February 17. 

The incident had occurred on February 17,  allegedly after a youngster named Vidvat, who had fractured his leg, stretched his feet towards the table where the MLA’s son was sitting. Offended, Nalapad allegedly thrashed Vidvat. 
As the hearing has reached its tail end, there is a new twist in the case. Certain reports have started doing the rounds where an RTI petitioner has claimed that MLA's son has been given VIP treatment inside the prison. The visiting hours have also been compromised heavily by the people of jail administration. The curious petitioner when filed an RTI to get this crucial information out, was denied citing that such vital facts can be disclosed about the prisoner, irrespective of his stature. 
Here are the documents in this regard:
However, Nalapad's father MLA NA Haris was unavailable to comment on this issue. 
If the arguments which were made are to be considered, then looks like the problems have not ended for Nalapad. Well, we have to wait and see how things pan out for MLA's heir.