Sandalwood's 'Real' Star Upendra who was expected to announce his new political party on Saturday, however, remained inconclusive on that. Instead stated that he was launching a forum 'Prajakeeya' through which he hoped to "make the changes" in the society.

Strongly criticising the set "rules" - money power, muscle power and mass power - to become a politician, Upendra tried to redefine 'Prajaprabhutva' (Democracy). "These days, it is preconceived that unless one has the support of money, muscle or mass (people), it is not possible to become a politician. I want to defy that," Upendra said adding at least he wants to make an attempt at it irrespective of its success or failure. He was of the opinion people are not the servants of the politicians or any leaders in democracy. Instead, they are "Prajaprabhu" where the "praja" (people) is "Prabhu" (king). "It's time we stop addressing the ordinary man as "common man." He is in fact, an extraordinary man and we must accept that," he told mediapersons at his resort, Ruppi's Resort near Bidadi.

Elaborating on his plans, Upendra said that he was neither a leader nor a politician but a worker who want to strive for the betterment of the society. Upendra had worn a khaki-coloured shirt which is usually identified with the working class.

Elaborating on his plans, Upendra said those who want to join his mission will be scanned for their skills - that will be helpful to the society. "They will be given tests, assessed for their skills before giving them membership. It certainly is not on caste, money or other influences," he added. The actor is yet to come up with the name and symbol for his idea and he will decided once he meets like-minded people. Those who want to join him in his mission, may contact him on '', '' and ''

When mediapersons queried him on whether his attempt would be like 'Aam Admi Party', Upendra said he was not here to promise "big sweep" but was making an attempt to do that. Also, he refused to comment on any political parties and their strategies. On questions of whether he would contest in the next Assembly election, Upendra refused to conform to it.

While Upendra's ideas are new and big, it is yet to be seen how much of it will be translated into reality.