With back-to-back holidays lined up on the eve of Independence Day, you may have planned a trip to visit your folks back home. But travel companies, state owned or private, have planned to make most out of this situation by increasing ticket prices over 50 percent. A trip to several favourite destinations between August 11  to August 15 will cost a bomb.

A ticket price of Rs 855 to 1197 on normal days will cost Rs 2,280 in private travel firms, and in the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), the same will cost you Rs 930 on average days and Rs 1,889 on August 11 

For those who want to visit your folks in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, travelling on August 11 and staying back at home until August 15 would certainly mean spending extra.

The one-way journey from on August 11 to Hyderabad in KSRTC  was priced Rs 1,195 to 1,550, compared to Rs 998 on regular days. The same will cost Rs Rs 1,396 to Rs 1,795 in private bus services. 

Similarly, one way trip from Bengaluru to Chennai will cost between Rs 643-756. On regular days, the same ticket will cost between Rs 362 to Rs 500 in KSRTC. For the same journey in private buses, it will cost Rs 845 to 1,396. 

Likewise, on normal days, a one-way trip to Kerela will cost Rs 951, where as from August 12, the one-way ticket in KSRTC is priced Rs 1,137. In private buses, the ticket is priced Rs 1,945 on August 11. On normal days it will cost only Rs 1,197.

Chimayee, Vice President, SRS Travels, says during the monsoon season the travel business is dull. "Only on back-to-back holidays we have to increase fares from Bengaluru, but the fact is the private bus operators will be shuttling almost empty on other days," he said.

 "The travel companies are suffering loss due to multiple tax system and tolls in various borders. For instances for the single bus with 50-seater capacity, Rs 3.5 lakh rupees will have to be paid to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as taxes. This apart, taxes to Karnataka and tolls is forcing the travel operators to increase the price," he added.