Recently, there have been regular news reports of how with summer coming in, there will be a surge in power failures, some of which may even extend into hours.

Bengaluru also was faced with a recent 7-hour power cut because of some work by the BESCOM. They were having to do some maintenance work and the public could only be informed through websites and newspapers and who could not access them, were left confused by the power cut.

BESCOM, thinking the public should be informed about this major power cut and also about the plans they have for summer, decided to call its bank of customers only to be met with terse replies of ‘wrong number’.

Surprising, how numerous bank credit card companies, insurance agents and NGOs get our number and we happily oblige but when it comes to the BESCOM, they can’t source the correct numbers.

According to a report in The Hindu, as part of Bescom’s attempt to contact customers through their SMS-based alert system, over 48 lakh phone numbers, representing 90% of their customers, were collected through meter readers and other officials. Interestingly, only 20 per cent were correct. 

In other news, the Bescom is planning to smoothen operations and for that it would require your correct contact numbers and addresses. It came to the board’s notice that a lot of requests for change of name, change of address etc were piling up at their end. So dispose of these concerns at the earliest Bescom is looking for feedback from the customers.

Customers can also expect the pilot programme of pre-paid meters being extended to other areas as well. Currently, in its pilot phase, it is being implemented in Indiranagar.