After the reports alleged police's inaction to protect a techie who was brutally attacked for reporting illegal cow slaughter, the Bengaluru City police have issued a clarification of sort on its twitter handle.

It may be recalled here that a software employee Nandini was brutally attacked by a mob at Talaghattapura for reporting about illegal cow slaughter to the police. Nandini had claimed that the two constables who accompanied her to the spot did do nothing when the mob began attacking her. "I somehow managed to get myself out of these," she had told mediapersons.

Nandini had also claimed that though she went to complain to the police station, the sub-inspector at the Talaghattapura police station, nobody bothered to help her. "I now feel the SI work hand-in-glove with those criminals," Nandini had told reporters.

Condemning the incident, many criticised the police's inaction in protecting Nandini, who had gone to sought their help.

The City police in their tweet have promised to take stern action in connection with the Talaghattapura incident.



While they have claimed that the police accompanied the complainant to the spot in a Hoysala vehicle. Since the people (at the spot) outnumbered the staff, they brought this to the notice of their higher officials at the station who asked them to return to the police station. "During this time there was no attack on anyone," the tweet says.

Later, the police inspector of Talaghattapura along with 10 to 12 staff visited the place - note without the complainant. They claimed to have controlled the mob and also rescued three cows. However, the police claimed that during this time the complaianant along with the other went to the spot to "cross-check police action." They went on their own, and during this time, they were attacked, says the tweet.

Are the Bengaluru police trying to make it look like Nandini was lying when she complained that cops accompanied her? Didn't their intelligence sources alert them about the assault on Nandini. Many questions hang in balance, but the City police apparently issued a clarification in an attempt to call the allegations void.