The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has selected a nine acres plot in Jayanagar of Mysuru to build Nava Brindavan Dhama, a temple of Lord Krishna. The total cost of this temple will be ₹150 crore due to its Hoysala style architecture.


On April 2, Governor Vaju Bhai Rudhabai Vala laid the foundation stone which is expected to be complete by 2021.  ISKCON is yet to receive the US Green Building Council certificate for the proposed complex. 


At the ceremony, the Governor spoke about how people lead materialistic life and that lack of peace and mental satisfaction is the cause of their suffering, reported a daily. He also emphasised on the fact that every individual is capable of earning and that the income should be used for society’s welfare. 


Speaking at the occasion President of ISKCON, HG Madhu Pandit Dasa, said that the organisation would set up residential schools for underprivileged children across India to provide free of cost education to 50,000 children. Also, as part of Nava Brindavan Dhama, there will be free of cost residential school for 2000 children from underprivileged families in Mahadevpura.