Gowramma criticised CM Siddaramaiah and his Cabinet members for not extending their support to her son Minister DK Shivakumar when her was raided by the IT officials. She even said that Siddaramaiah could strangle anyone who has helped him.

But it looks like this has not gone well first with DK Suresh, who tried to convince the media that their mother meant Modi and in confusion, she uttered the name Siddaramaiah.

However, there were reports that Gowramma was deliberately being kept away from the media. However, she visited the Kabbalamma Temple today and got a positive feel from the temple as the flower fell on the right side, say sources.

But this did not stop her from waging a war of words against Siddaramaiah again. This time DK Shivakumar himself has apologised CM Siddaramaiah on behalf of his mother.

Interestingly, when CM Siddaramaiah was asked about the statement or allegation by Gowramma, Siddaramaiah answered with, "No Comments."

DK Shivakumar even issued a press release apologising for whatever his mother had spoken against CM Siddaramaiah.

DK Shivakumar's houses and the office was being raided for three days, but no leader from Congress had come out in support of Shivakumar. This triggered Gowramma to speak against the Congress leaders.

Even after DK Suresh trying to clarify and DK Shivakumar apologising, CM Siddaramaiah has not commented in this regard. However, it looks like the Congress leaders have confidence that Shivakumar will come out clean or have left his side, only time can tell.

DK Shivakumar was hosting 44 MLAs from Governor in the Eagleton Resort when he was raided in the resort which then continued at his houses in Bengaluru, Mysuru and New Delhi. However, the IT officials left Shivakumar's house on Saturday.

Gowramma was seen speaking emotionally, saying her sons have done nothing wrong. "My sons have worked hard and earned fame and money in the society. They will not be perturbed by this developments. They will overcome this too," she had said.

At the same time, she even targetted CM Siddaramaiah. As CM took two days to react on the IT raids, he might take a day or two to comment on this too.