Mayor G Padmavathi took the BBMP officials to task for scrapping 150 vehicles, requiring only minor repairs and parking them in sheds. The BBMP pays rent in crores per year for vehicles rented for various purposes like waste disposal, mortuary van, stray cattle, stray dog van etc under contract.  Mayor G Padmavathi visited the BBMP’s City shed and saw hundreds of vehicles in almost good condition, requiring minor repairs, parked without using. Compactors and eight mortuary vans that were purchased paying lakhs of rupees were parked unused at the shed. She questioned the officials why the minor repairs were not undertaken and why they were scrapped, reports Kannada Prabha.

The BBMP officials keep complaining of shortage of vehicles. While vehicles in good condition are parked unused, more and more vehicles are rented on contract from outsiders. Mayor Padmavathi firmly said action will be taken against any officer who has parked good vehicles at the shed and rented private vehicles.

Even as she was angry at the officers, some drivers met her and revealed that the three compactors of BBMP have rented out to private parties by BBMP officials. Mayor assured action against such corrupt officers. She instructed that all vehicles must be repaired and put to use. By parking all vehicles that need minor repairs in shed and hiring private vehicles the BBMP is incurring a loss of Rs 20 to Rs 30 lakh per month.

Speaking to newspersons after the inspection, Mayor Padmavathi said the officials are not maintaining the vehicles properly. They are not serviced as and when required. The slackness of officials is very evident. An efficient person would be put in charge of vehicles, she said.