A Bengaluru-based girl got married to a man from the city who has an American citizenship in 2002. Soon, they had a child. But as years passed, the couple could not stand each other, and they started living separately from 2009.

This did not deter them from filing cases against each other and till date, the husband has filed 58 cases against the woman, and the wife has filed 9 cases against the husband.

The woman is currently living in Bengaluru with her daughter. The husband, who is missing his daughter has filed a case (one of his cases) that he is not being allowed to meet her and that he is missing his child.

“My wife has taken our daughter home, and thus I am being deprived of my daughter’s love,” he stated in his appeal in the Supreme Court.

The cases slapped by each other include dowry harassment, domestic violence, right over the child, etc.

The couple is still strong on their version of the cases, but the sources said that the judge was shocked after reading the details of the case.