While most husbands whine about how their wives are making their lives miserable, this farmer from Karnataka's Chamarajanagar district built a temple to worship his wife in.

Raju alias Rajuswamy built a temple in Krishnapura village, Yelandur taluk, because it was his wife's ardent wish. But after she dies, Raju installed her idol, along with four other deities, to worship her.

Rajamma was his sister's daughter.

Raju told the Times of India, " My parents were against our marriage. Somehow, we got married as my sister and brother in law didn't oppose us. A few days after the marriage, my wife said she wanted me to construct a temple in the village. But before the completion of the temple, she passed away. So, I decided to install her idol in the sanctum sanctorum."

Raju took around two years to build the temple and completed it in 2006. He has been offering prayers for the past 12 years. On being asked what inspired him of building a temple of his wife, the farmer told Times of India, "She predicted her death well in advance. She had a special power. She was a spiritual kind of person and was always dreaming about a temple. These things convinced me that I should build a temple and worship her as a deity.”