Krishna, Bheema and Doni rivers in State are in spate following heavy rain in Maharashtra. Flood alert has been sounded. In Chikkodi taluk, Belagavi district 5 bridges are submerged.  Tarapura in Vijayapura is yet again surrounded by water, becoming an island and is cut off. Almatti Dam is releasing 90,000 cusecs water daily into the river, reported Kannada Prabha.

Water from Koyna Dam in Maharashtra is releasing 90,000 cusecs water into Krishna River. Following this, the river is overflowing and five bridges in Kallola-Yadura, Karadaga – Bhoja, Bhojawadi – Kunnur in Chikkodi taluk, Belagavi district are submerged. Traffic has come to a standstill. Almatti Dam is receiving heavy inflow and hence 90,000 cusecs is being released from Wednesday night. Of the 26 gates, 15 are opened. This is the first time water is being released in such big quantity.

From Maharashtra’s Ujini Dam too 76,000 cusecs water is being released into Bheema River, causing threat of Tarapur becoming an island yet again. It can be recalled that Tarapur was surrounded by water and just two days ago water had started to recede. Floods in Bheema river damaged bridge grills at Yellammadevi temple at Mannoor near Afzalpur, Kalburgi district.

Water is also being released from Narayanapura Dam into Krishna River, resulting in villages in Raichur surrounded. Near Basavsagara in Narayanapura, three shepherds along with their 100 sheep were stranded in an island for three days and NDRF rescue squad has rescued them to safety. From three days they were living on sheep milk. They had taken the sheep for grazing at a green spot in front of the dam and were stranded due to sudden release of water from the dam.