The three-judge bench of the Supreme Court has opined that if a notice is sent to the governor regarding the selection of KG Bopaiah as the Pro-tem Speaker the floor test will be postponed. After hearing the arguments, the bench has decided to continue Bopaiah as the Pro-tem Speaker.

The court also said that as the procedure was being recorded, let the procedure continue and quashed Congress' plea. Meanwhile, in Karnataka Assembly, the procedure of MLAs taking oath has already started.

Bopaiah is accused of helping Yeddyurappa in surviving floor test in 2010 too.

Three-judge Bench in the leadership of Justice AK Sikhri is hearing the Congress-JD(S) appeal against the appointment of KG Bopaiah as the Pro-Tem Speaker.

Congress' senior member and advocate  Kapil Sibal argued for the Congress-JD(S) appeal. He had told that court that KG Bopaiah's behaviour is questionable and that even court had opined on earlier instances that the way pro-tem speaker Bopaiah behaved inside the House was not right.

Thus Congress is taking this point and saying that let Bopaiah only gives an oath to the MLAs and not be given any other power in the House.

Moreover, the senior most person (according to the terms served in the House), is elected as the Pro-tem Speaker. Even in this case BJP's Umesh Katti and Congress' RV Deshpande are 8-time MLAs and the senior most leaders inside the house. Bopaiah was elected only three times.

Kapil Sibal has sought to restrain Bopaiah from conducting the floor test but requested that the floor test is conducted today.

Currently, all the MLAs from BJP, Congress, JD(S), KPJP and independents are arriving in the House, as the procedure for today is expected to start at 11 AM.