The Department of Kannada and Culture, Government of Karnataka, have joined together to design a website that can teach the Kannada language. There are instances, words and videos helping non-Kannadigas in Karnataka learn the basics.

There are sections of people in Karnataka whose mother tongue may be Tulu, Kodava, Beary, Konkani, etc. But all come together to consider Kannada as the language of the State. This website delves into the history of Kannada as well.

There are easy ways to learn basic grammar like letters, words, tenses, while figuring out how to use them in a sentence. There are videos of words used in a vegetable market and other places to help one with everyday life.

After many arguments on Hindi imposition and growing divide between the Kannadigs and non-Kannadigas, this is an effort made by the government body to make the language of the State familiar with the people residing here, making it easy for them to communicate with the locals.

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