While the entire nation is still battling to get out of the clutches of various taboos that surround us, several initiatives by many organisations are trying to make all the difference.

Recently, the Supreme Court heard petitions on Section 377 of  Indian Penal Code (IPC), which criminalises gay sex. The apex court has reserved its order on decriminalising Section 377.

Now, to support LGBTQ community, one of the top hotel chains in the city of Bengaluru, The Lalit Ashok has upped the ante in the direction of bringing a change.

Lalit Ashok has collaborated with the world’s largest non-governmental organisation, Out & Equal which is hugely dedicated to achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer workplace equality.

They have brought together a groundbreaking forum which will convene more than 150 executives, LGBTQ leaders, and allies from over 100 domestic Indian and multinational corporations to discuss strategies for advancing LGBTQ workplace inclusion in India.

 Openly gay Bollywood director and producer Onir has also joined the squad along with the presenting sponsor IBM, leadership sponsors Visa, Intel, and Symantec, and supporting organisations Interweave Consulting, Xerox.

“We are thrilled to be bringing Out & Equal’s 20-plus years of experience advancing workplace inclusion for LGBTQ people to India,” said Steve Roth, Senior Director of Global Initiatives at Out & Equal. 

Research consistently shows that companies with more inclusive policies and practices benefit substantially in areas such as employee recruitment and retention and improved collaboration and innovation.

The event features a series of cutting-edge panels, workshops, plenary events and networking sessions. 

The Executive Director of the group, Keshav Suri, who has always encouraged the members of the community, says, “The Lalit has always championed the right of equality by providing a safe and equal opportunity workplace, for all."