The Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic, Bengaluru), R Hithendra, has said that if someone is giving a ride to a stranger on a two-wheeler, who does not have a helmet, will not be fined.

The Traffic Commissioner said this citing the example of the Mumbai Traffic cops, who had fined a driver as the pillion rider was not wearing the helmet. Even after the rider clarified that he had just given a lift to a stranger, he was made to pay the fine.

The issue came to light when a man named Naveen Nair had put up a Facebook post about an incident where he was booked under Traffic rules sections 66 and 192 and was made to pay Rs 2000 fine as the pillion rider (stranger he had given lift to) was not wearing the helmet.

The Traffic police in Bengaluru is determined to reduce traffic-related problems and pollution. No action will be taken on the rider if a lift is given to a pillion rider without helmet because it cannot be considered as a commercial activity," said Traffic Commissioner Hithendra.

He also said that bike and car pooling can reduce a lot of traffic problems and advised people to take up the pool options. In this way, if two people travel on a bike, this reduces the chance of at least one person adding one vehicle to the road, he added.