The Vishwa Hindu Dharma Samsad that is scheduled to be held in Udupi from Nov 24 will discuss five points namely Ram Mandir construction at Ayodhya, Go Rakshana that's protecting the cow, eradicating untouchability, social reforms and preventing conversion. 

Speaking to media persons, Pejawar Mutt seer Vishveshateertha Swami said there is a possibility of passing a resolution to put pressure on the Central government to present a special bill facilitating construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, reports Kannada Prabha.

BJP is in power in Uttara Pradesh and this is "conducive" for construction of Ram Mandir. However, the Ayodhya Ram Mandir case is in Supreme Court. The verdict could be against also. Hence the Central government should table a bill favourable for the construction of Ram Mandir, without waiting for SC verdict, the seer observed. Alternatively, the Central government can take the initiative to go for out of court settlement. At the Dharma Samsad, the saints and Sadhus arriving from all parts of the country will debate and pass a resolution, he said.

The Central government has passed the anti-cow slaughter bill but to implement that effectively the state governments’ cooperation is essential. Hence a resolution will be passed at the Dharma Samsad facilitating to seek States' support, he said.

Lingayat – Veerashaiva seers are also invited for the Dharma Samsad but not certain who will participate. Since they are also Hindus they should participate in the Samsad, Pejawar seer said. All religions preached by Hindu saints and prophets come under Hindu religion. Jainism, Buddhism and Sikh are recognised as independent religions in the Constitution but Vishwa Hindu Parishad considers them as part of Hinduism as they are established by Hindu saints. Hence religious leaders from those religions are also invited. They are participating in the Samsad, he said.