JD(S) supremo HD Deve Gowda’s grandson, HD Revanna’s son Prajval Revanna has been appointed as the General Secretary of the Party.  With this the family feud that was hindering JD(S) has been resolved. Prajaval Revanna was adamant to contest the elections and Deve Gowda wanted him to wait for the Rajya Sabha elections.  Deve Gowda had been repeatedly stating that only two from their family would contest but Anita Kumaraswamy may be contesting from Channapatna, as the third person from the family, reported Kannada Prabha.

It is expected that to defeat C P Yogeshwar of BJP, both Kumaraswamy and D K Shivakumar will work gether for the victory of Anita Kumaraswamy.  Yogeshvar was contemplating fielding a relative at Channapatna and contesting from Maddur but with the latest developments, he is planning to contest from Channapatna, say sources.

Deve Gowda has cleverly managed to solve the problem by convincing Prajval Revanna to take a step back but being the General Secretary of the Party gives Prajval ample opportunities to get into active politics.  Sources say that was the condition Gowda put to make him give up his demand to contest.

Secondly, it has cleared the way for Anita Kumaraswamy to contest from Channapatna. It is also a proof of Kumaraswamy’s smart way to tackle problems. When Kumaraswamy was planning to field Anita from Channapatna, Revanna’s wife Bhavani also insisted that her son Prajval should also be given ticket.  Kumaraswamy wanted him to contest for the Rajya Sabha elections but Prajval wanted to create a foothold in the state politics. That is why both Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy kept repeating that only two from the family would contest and did not want  family party tag to accompany them.

With Prajval being tamed a little, it looks like he will contest the 2019 Rajya Sabha polls instead of Deve Gowda from Hassan, say sources. Prajval Revanna arrived at Deve Gowda’s house at Padmanabha Nagar on Monday to receive the appointment letter from Deve Gowda personally. Speaking to news persons later Prajval said there are no differences in the family:  "State President Kumaraswamy also has blessed me. It is not right to say I have been made the General Secretary to avoid giving ticket."