Dengue sends shock waves in Bengaluru with a whopping 4,990 positive cases

First Published 9, Oct 2017, 3:20 PM IST
Dengue sends shock waves in Bengaluru with a whopping 4990 positive cases
  • After killer potholes, it's dengue that is haunting Bengalureans
  • So far 4,990 cases have been reported
  • The BBMP's health department which is responsible for fogging in all the vulnerable areas has failed to do its part   


Every week, BBMP reports at least 250 cases of dengue from across Bengaluru. The opposition says poor maintenance of roads, stormwater drains and failure to tackle garbage menace is why dengue cases are on the rise

The situation in Bengaluru has become so bad that in all probability either a pothole or contracting dengue could now be the death of you.

In its weekly report, BBMP shows an increase of at least 250 positive cases of dengue. So far 4990 cases have been reported in Bengaluru.

Rains, along with the causes listed by the opposition are very much why the city is seeing a spurt in the disease.

The BBMP's health department which is responsible for fogging in all the vulnerable areas also had failed to do that.  250 cases in a week! 4990 positive cases so far – what is the BBMP waiting for now?

Padmanabha Reddy, Leader of Opposition in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, said, the ruling Cong-JDS alliance in BBMP has not taken adequate steps to repair roads and cover potholes and execute the stormwater drain works. As a result, the rainwater gets accumulated in roads and drains. This leads to increase of mosquito menace as well. Apart from this inconvenience, the piling up of garbage in Bengaluru has further given rise to these mosquitoes who are breeding in it as well.

"Regarding this inconvenience, I have written a letter to Mayor Sampath Raj to hold an emergency meeting, but he has no time for public grievances. The irony is that, after becoming Mayor, Sampath Raj is not even available to journalists fearing tough questions on failure in development projects in BBMP and increasing pothole injuries and dengue cases," said Reddy.

The Mayor’s self-imposed silence has led the opposition to continue its tirade against the bad rule in BBMP, while the cases of dengue and viral fever keep mounting across Bengaluru and its surroundings.

Khawaja Moinudeen, Administrator and Public Relation Officer Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital says, the hospital has witnessed an increase in dengue cases last month, and since last one week, now, viral fever symptoms are being found in patients."The normal footfall at the outpatient department is 1,300, and among this, about 400 patients are complaining of fever. With rains, another 400 plus patient count has been added in the last few weeks," said Moinudeen.

The scene is no different in Victoria Hospital, Jayanagar General Hospital and other health centers across Bengaluru, but neither BBMP commissioner nor Mayor seem to have taken any positive steps towards curbing dengue.

Dr Prakash  Kumar BG, State Surveillance Officer for Vector-Borne Disease, said, luckily the there was continuous heavy rainfall, and hence the dengue larvae may have been washed away else the incidences would have doubled by now.

"This dengue mosquito larvae can survive even in 5 ml water. We have given direction to all the district health officers and chief health officers at city corporations to ensure fogging to prevent  spread of disease and also take steps to give symptomatic treatment at hospitals and primary health centres where such cases are reported,"  said Dr Kumar