The Hunasemaranahalli Mandevanapura Mutt sex scandal has turned murkier with details of it being a honey trap emerging. The reports in various media have claimed that Dayananda Swamy was honey trapped by his relatives with regard to Mutt property and money.

In an important revelation, it is said that former police commissioner Jyothi Prakash Mirji also had information about the sex tape or CD. Sources also said that the video was recorded two months ago. The compromise talk was held in the presence of commissioner Mirji.

Commissioner Mirji spoke to Suvarna news in this regard in detail, and this is what he had to say:

"Some people from the Mutt had come to me and had said that the Swamiji was not on the right path and that he was not even a Sanskrit scholar. He doesn't know the Vedas nor Upanishads. They alleged that he was not managing the Mutt properly and requested that he should be removed from his post. I had told them to gather all the people of the village and conduct a meeting in this regard."

"Further, they conducted a meeting which I had attended. They repeated the same things in the meeting. They also mentioned about a cassette on Swamiji which was indecent. There was no one to back Swamiji, and all were speaking against him." 

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"When questioned about it I came to know that only one group of the Mutt had attended the meeting. Later, we had a meeting with those who were for this Swamiji. They were of the opinion that the seer had written off the land when Land Reform Act was applied on the Mutt's property and that he had not sold the land to farmers and others not giving any space for dispute. Some other pieces of land are on the lease, and the Mutt receives money accordingly. But has not taken money from anyone."

"Then I conducted a meeting of both the groups and the same discussion took place. One of the groups again mentioned the sex CD. Then I spoke to the seer and asked for his clarification. He refuted any such charges and said that he is not involved in any such thing."

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"Then the commissioner Mirjji said that he told  Dayananda Swamy that people are speaking about the sex CD and if it is true that will not be right to continue in the post. So leave  your post. Let the case be probed. Let us see if you are acquitted or found guilty, we can act accordingly after the probe. But he was stern in his comment that he was not involved in any sex CD case or any such activity."

Speaking about allegations of commissioner Mirji trying to prevent the release of the sex tape in media and about money paid allegedly to the actress, he said, "This is absolutely not right. I have no idea about the money dealing between anyone related to the sex CD. Only thing I want to tell is that if the seer is wrong, he should quit his post.

However, gram panchayat member Ramaiah has alleged that the relatives of the seer Dayananda Swamy had set up a honey trap plan to get the property of the Mutt.

It is also told that there were compromise talks between the people who conducted the honey trap and the Swamiji. The compromise was held in the presence of then-commissioner Mirji, reported Suvarna news.

Mirji was the Commissioner of Bangalore City Police from May 2011 to June 2013.

Dayananda Swamy was found in a compromising position with an allegedly Sandalwood heroine in a sex CD released in the media.