The Congress leaders in Karnataka are trying hard to retain their position and win the next assembly elections. Thus the leaders have started organising meetings of the members with an aim to strengthen the party. But one such meeting ended in a ruckus where party members physically assaulted each other.

With elections nearing disappointment in the members is also seen in all parties. However, the Congress party leaders were embarrassed when the meeting convened to show unity in Hassan ended up in a fight between the members.

Hassan Congress leader HK Mahesh’s supporters expressed their disappointment that the party was not considering the workers who have sloughed for the party for years. They were unhappy that Congress made way for the JD(S) leader to occupy the Hassan Town Development Board President.

But other leaders tried to ask them to stop the fight. But the angry supporters went on shouting slogans. When Malavalli MLA Narendraswamy tries to broker peace, he was sidelined, and the group went on protesting.

The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Congress leaders G Parameshwara and Venugopal were embarrassed but could not do anything to stop the fight.

The fight started when a member Vinay Gandhi was not invited to the meeting. Yeshwanthpur MLA ST Somashekhar tried to explain to him the situation, but he was not ready to listen to anyone. Though Parameshwar tried to ask the man to calm down, his words too did not have any effect on the man.