There was an unscheduled power cut in the City and in other areas under Bescom following the sudden break down in the Raichuru and Ballari thermal power plants, reports Kannada Prabha.

Due to technical snag, one unit each in BTPS and RTPS broke down, causing a shortage of 1500 MW of power. The shortage will be compensated by purchasing power from the Central grid from Wednesday itself. However, the power disruptions will continue for some time and Bescom has appealed for public to cooperate.

The sudden break down had caused total black out in Escom. But since immediate power purchase was not possible, some parts of Bescom were also shut down. It was decided to purchase power through short term tender. From midnight itself 500 MW will be supplied from private companies, it is reported.

The rest of the 1000 MW will be purchased from Central power grid. The Energy Department officials said that there will not be any power disruption from Wednesday.