Increasing incidents of violence against women in Bengaluru has made women safety a high priority task for the Bengaluru city police. To make the city safer for women, the city police recently launched an SOS app on a trial basis. 


Initially, the app was not named, and it was made available for all mobile platforms. The city police asked from public to suggest a name for this app and received almost 2,500 responses. After considering the police department decided to accept the suggestion of Suraksha, the Times of India quoted Bengaluru City Commissioner of Police, Praveen Sood, as saying. The Suraksha app will be launched officially in next week by chief minister Siddaramaiah, he added.


Suraksha happens to be a fully-integrated personal safety app that converts the user’s smartphone into a safety device perfect to be used during an emergency. By installing this app, the smartphone user can trigger an alert by pressing the power button of the device five times, can record a 10-second video and upload of the app, send alerts to family and friends, and alert police. 


Suraksha app uses GPS to track the user in real-time. Also, it is integrated with the Police Computer Aided Dispatch System and has already recorded 5000 downloads.