Bengaluru perverts misbehave in broad daylight, people remain mute spectators

First Published 16, Apr 2018, 8:03 PM IST
Bengaluru perverts misbehave in broad daylight, people remain mute spectators  [VIDEO]

A boy misbehaved with a girl in broad daylight in Bengaluru. When the girl retaliated, instead of apologising, the man along with his friends started beating up the victim and her friends. The incident occurred around 3.30 PM recently on the busy road of Bengaluru, but people stood there watching everything and not moving an inch to come to the rescue of the victims.

The incident is a warning sign. If there are people who continue to be perverts there are other people who capture the disturbing visuals for their consumption but do not dare to act against it. Both are a very big problem of the society.

In this incident, as the girl has explained she was out on a break from office with her colleagues to have juice, which was coincidently situated near a bar. A man came from nowhere and caught the victim's hand, to which she reacted by slapping him.

When he tried to prove her wrong, all the girl and her friends asked was an apology for doing so. But instead, the boy accompanied by his friends started beating up the male colleagues who accompanied and were speaking for the victim.

As it was an afternoon, people started gathering and watching it as mute spectators. When one of victim's friends made a call to the police, the accused ran away.

The police too collected the information and asked the victims to hold the accused till they send the police personnel.

But by the time police arrived the accused had fled the place.

When will this attitude of harassing women change? When will people start acting against harassment? These questions are being asked from many years and it is disgusting that these still remain as questions.

Even to bring justice to brutal cases like Kathua rape case, people should start acting against incidents of harassment like this one.