In a first of its kind, a driver was arrested in hit and run case for injuring a dog in Bengaluru.

On June 22, Biscuit, a stray dog, was run over by a school van belonging to Carmel school in Padmanabhanagar, leaving three of its legs injured. 

The incident took place in a small residential lane in Jayanagar 5th Block. The incident shocked the dog so much that she was in a state of shock and restless for days.

Akanksha Khanna, a student Architecture, along with her friend witnessed this gruesome act. The duo rushed to the spot and saw the animal bleeding profusely. The van driver who ran over the dog did not even care to stop and check. But he was chased down in a scooter for few meters and stopped. 

They forced the driver to come out of his vehicle and demanded he take the dog to the hospital. 

The driver was reportedly unwilling to cooperate and said he had many school children to be dropped on time and hence he should be allowed to go. 

Meanwhile, Akanksha and her friend took away his documents and clicked a photo of the driver.  As residents gathered and asked the girls to allow the driver to go since many children had to reach home, they left the place and immediately took the dog to the hospital. 

They later filed a complaint with the Jayanagar Traffic Police Station.

"Police officers including Swamy and Assistant Sub-Inspector Ramaiah at the Jayanagar traffic police station was extremely patient and filed FIR, and appropriate action was taken against the driver, who was taken into custody for negligent driving and cruelty to animals. I think these officials deserve to be commended for everything they have done for us. No life deserves to be taken lightly, be it an animal or a human,"  she said and added that the dog was fortunate enough as it did not have any fracture and its wounds have healed.

Lauding the efforts of these two girls for demanding justice in the case of such negligent driving, Jayanagar Traffic Police Inspector Dilip Kumar said, "Following the complaint a case under section 279 of Indian Penal Code was registered against Nagaraj, the driver of Carmel School for rash driving. The vehicle owner Gopinath of Karthik travels appeared before the police inspector and paid the fine amount of Rs 1,000 as mentioned by the in the rules". 

Whoever drives any vehicle, or rides, on any public way in a manner so rash or negligent as to endanger human life, or to be likely to cause hurt or injury to any other person, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both as per this IPC 279.

Gopinath, the owner of the travel company, was not happy with the development and defended his driver Nagaraj - saying that he was one of the best in his company and a cautious driver.

"The driver was in residential areas, and there is no question of riding in speed. The mistake is of the stray dog. As he had children in the van, he could not simply jam the brakes. The residents and others had scolded these two girls and asked them to leave the van driver as children had to be sent back to their respective homes," he said.