The cattle owners in Bengaluru who have the habit of letting their animals stray on garbage and roads to avoid spending money on its fodder and maintenance will now have to pay a fine of Rs 2,000 to get their animal released as BBMP is all to set to increase the fine amount from the existing Rs 600.


This idea of increase in penalty is being seriously considered by BBMP as 90 per cent of cattle owners let their animals loose on the roads. The BBMP animal husbandry department time and again has seized the straying animals and houses them in their shelter.


"The catching such animals from busy roads to transport and feeding them till the time the owners come all costs the BBMP and hence the penalty was imposed. But the said penalty of Rs 600 is not a matter for such owners who think, keeping the animal, feeding them is more expensive and hence, they let the animal stray and feed on garbage. The straying animal causes traffic jam," said Vasudev, a contract worker with the BBMP animal shelter.


He also said, the BBMP is now planning to increase the fine amount to Rs 2,000 as increase in fine will make such owners fall in line with municipal rules. BBMP Mayor G Padmavathi also agreed with the suggestion to increase the fine amount."We will pitch this idea before the monthly council meeting and a decision will be taken soon," she said.


At present only Akhila Karnataka Pranidaya Sangha an NGO in Koramangala has a big shelter which houses rescued and stray animals. As BBMP's cattle shelter is congested, most of the time BBMP asks the NGO to take care of such animals. Many cases also have come to light where owners abandon the male, injured and infected animals as they cannot afford to maintain it.  


Few owners who have milk yielding cows are very greedy prefer to leave their cattle near garbage. The only time they come near the animal is to milk them and sell the same milk which could be an infected one. It is high time that the BBMP should ban the rearing of cows in the City as these poor animals need space to move. The BBMP should now protect its grazing lands and create the animal shelter in city outskirts.


 "Acquiring about 50 acres of land in four corners of Bengaluru will ease out the pressure in the existing cattle shelters. The seized and abandoned animals should be housed there. The BBMP can also sell its milk at designated places. This is a better idea, but the BBMP officials are not bothered," Uttam Duggal, one of the founders of the Akhila Karnataka Pranidaya Sanghal suggested.


The Joint Director of BBMP Animal Husbandry Department Dr Anand said, these days the complaint regarding this menace is increasing. "Every day, we are catching at least five stray cows from busy junctions and fining the owners, still the situation has not improved. The increase of amount will have to be placed before the BBMP council and it will happen soon," he said.