In a case of reverse logic, a bar owner who had a bar and restaurant within 100 meters of a school argued that the school should be shifted and not the bar. The Excise Department had issued a notice to the bar owner that he should shift the bar and restaurant as it is within 100 meters of a primary school and it must be shifted with in 60 days. Instead of abiding by it, the bar owners went to the court requesting the High Court to dismiss the order.  

A single judge bench headed by Vineet Kothari heard the case of NM Teerthe Gowda, owner of Sridevi Bar and Restaurant at Devara Chikkanahalli, Begur hobli, Bengaluru South, questioning the notice issued by the Excise Deputy Commissioner. The advocate arguing on behalf of Teerthe Gowda stated that the pre-primary school near the bar and restaurant run by Seethamma Manjappa Trust had been given permission by the Sector Education Officer of the Bengaluru South Region 3 and the permission itself is illegal and hence the school must be shifted and not the bar. 

The court got so fed up by his argument that he snapped at the advocate saying it is disgusting to hear such argument and what an absurd strange appeal. He then fined the owner Rs 25,000.