There is no dearth to the plight of Karnataka farmers. Battling drought and unemployment for two straight years, they now have to battle technical glitches in the Aadhaar linking with bank accounts.

As a result of this, several farm labourers have not been paid for months for their work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS). While some blame lack of funds, the others criticise the prevalent issues related to the Aadhaar card and bank account linking.

In fact, in many cases, Aadhaar numbers have been linked to wrong bank accounts and wages have also been deposited in these accounts, depriving the labourers of their wages. Fed up of government apathy and non resolution of the issue, the farm labourers have started migrating to places outside Karnataka. They are seeking employment in the construction industry. 

Close to Rs 48 lakh yet to be paid to farmers under MNREGS

However, this problem is not restricted to Haveri and Gadag districts that are yet to pay Rs 48 lakh to its labourers under MNREGS. One of the farm labourers, speaking to Deccan Chronicle, said,"We are poor farm labourers and don’t have agricultural land of our own. Lack of farming due to the failure of the monsoon for two consecutive years has left us jobless. We have left our village now in search of work as we have not been paid for several months under MNREGS. The officials have not taken up any work over the last six months under the scheme."

Unlike perceptions that there are no jobs or funds under the scheme, state officials admit that there are problems with Aadhaar links, but there are dearth of jobs here.