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Tomato prices surge amidst monsoon arrival in Karnataka: What’s behind the sudden spike?

Tomato prices in Bengaluru have surged to ₹80 per kilogram due to decreased supply from affected regions like Mandya and Mysore, compounded by rain and disease. Maharashtra is now the primary source, but prices there also exceed ₹45/kg. Wholesale prices could reach ₹120/kg, impacting nearby cities like Mysore and Shimoga. Pea prices have also risen sharply.

Tomato prices surge amidst monsoon arrival in Karnataka: What's behind the sudden spike? vkp
First Published Jun 12, 2024, 11:03 AM IST

Consumers in Bengaluru are feeling the pinch as tomato prices soar to unprecedented levels, hitting a maximum of ₹80 per kilogram on Tuesday. The sudden price surge is attributed to a significant decrease in supply caused by a combination of rain and disease affecting tomato-producing regions.

Traders report that the supply of tomatoes from areas like Mandya, Mysuru, Maddur, Kanakapur, Chikkamagaluru, and Kadur has dwindled over the past two years due to adverse weather conditions and diseases. With rain disrupting transportation, the situation has worsened, with Maharashtra emerging as the primary source of tomatoes for the Bangalore market. However, even in Maharashtra, prices have exceeded ₹45 per kilogram, indicating a widespread issue.

Ibras Khan, a tomato wholesaler, predicts that the wholesale price of tomatoes, currently at ₹70 per kilogram, could skyrocket to ₹120 per kilogram in the coming week. The shortage of tomatoes isn't limited to Bangalore alone; cities like Mysore and Shimoga are also experiencing price hikes.

The impact of reduced tomato exports extends beyond just tomatoes. Pea prices, for instance, have surged from ₹120 to ₹170-200 per kilogram this week, with supplies coming from distant regions like Shimla and Kashmir.

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