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Karnataka: Vegetable prices skyrocket amid lack of rainfall

In Karnataka, a severe lack of rainfall has led to poor harvests, causing a sharp surge in vegetable prices. Beans now cost Rs 250 per kilogram, tomatoes Rs 60, and other vegetables have similarly risen. Households and businesses are struggling to manage budgets as prices continue to climb, with no immediate relief in sight.

Karnataka: Vegetable prices skyrocket amid lack of rainfall vkp
First Published May 27, 2024, 8:44 AM IST

In Karnataka, the prices of vegetables have surged due to a severe lack of rainfall, causing concern among residents and businesses alike. The dry spell has led to poor harvests, further exacerbating the situation.

The price of beans has seen a sharp rise, now costing Rs 250 per kilogram, an increase greater than the rate of chicken. Tomatoes, a staple in many households, have crossed the 50-year price, currently selling for Rs 60 per kilogram. Capsicum is priced at Rs 90, eggplant at Rs 85, cabbage at Rs 150, and carrots at Rs 100 per kilogram. Even greens like coriander and spinach have yet to be spared, costing Rs 60 and Rs 50 respectively.

Households are feeling the pinch, with many resorting to buying vegetables in smaller quantities, often as little as a quarter kilogram, to manage their budgets. The rising prices have also affected hotels and catering companies, making it challenging to keep their costs in check.

Over the past 15 days, vegetable prices have been steadily increasing. At the KR Market, one of Bengaluru’s major markets, the prices are as follows:
- Chili: Rs 80-120
- Cucumber: Rs 40
- Tomato: Rs 50-60
- Beans: Rs 100-120
- Peas: Rs 100
- Beetroot: Rs 40
- Bitter Gourd: Rs 80
- Cauliflower: Rs 100
- Okra: Rs 60
- Capsicum: Rs 60
- Coriander Stick: Rs 80
- Spinach Greens: Rs 30
- Carrot: Rs 60
- Cabbage: Rs 40
- Eggplant: Rs 60

The public is growing increasingly worried about how to afford and cook vegetables at these rates. With the poor harvests continuing and the rain nowhere in sight, there seems to be no immediate relief. The situation has left many wondering how long they can sustain these rising costs. 

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