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Karnataka: Tenants in Bengaluru face eviction amidst owner's loan fraud: Seek justice from Chief Minister

Tenants in Bengaluru's Batarayanapura face eviction after the property owner fraudulently leased the house, obtained loans and disappeared. Seeking help during a public program, they appealed to CM Siddaramaiah, who swiftly summoned the Police Commissioner for intervention. The distressed tenants fear losing their investment and shelter, emphasizing the need for caution in property dealings.

Karnataka: Tenants in Bengaluru face eviction amidst owner's loan fraud: Seek justice from Chief Minister vkp
First Published Nov 28, 2023, 11:08 AM IST

A distressing situation unfolded in Bengaluru, the state capital when residents of a house in Batarayanapura faced imminent eviction due to a fraudulent act by the property owner. The owner, who had obtained loans against the house, deceptively leased it to unsuspecting tenants for a considerable sum, leaving the tenants in dire straits.

The harrowing incident came to light when the bank, seeking to seize the property due to unpaid loans, left the tenants, who had invested substantial amounts to lease the house, facing eviction. The aggrieved family, residing at 3rd Cross Road, Batarayanapura, Mysore Road, poured their grievances before Chief Minister Siddaramaiah during the Janata Darshan program, seeking justice and intervention.

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The tenants recounted their plight, expressing anguish over the duplicitous act of the owner, who disappeared after securing loans against the property and failing to repay them. Now faced with the threat of eviction, they appealed for assistance to avoid losing their hard-earned investment and facing homelessness.

In a swift response to their plea, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah promptly summoned City Police Commissioner Dayanand, urging immediate action. The Commissioner, after attentively hearing the distressing situation, directed the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) to delve into the matter and find a resolution.

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The tenants, grappling with uncertainty and the looming prospect of losing their investment and shelter, implored authorities for support, fearing the grim possibility of being left on the streets with their children.

This incident serves as a cautionary tale, underscoring the need for vigilance while leasing or renting properties in Bengaluru to avoid falling victim to fraudulent practices, as echoed by the distressed tenants seeking justice and a semblance of security in their tumultuous situation.

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