ATK Mohun Bagan are off to a resounding start in the Indian Super League (ISL) 2020-21, as they are currently placed second in the table. They are coming off a fresh 1-0 win against FC Goa on Wednesday, as their bid for the top spot is well on.

It was the sole strike from Roy Krishna that handed ATK the win. Meanwhile, the players were delighted with success, as they look ahead to their upcoming clash against Bengaluru FC.

Following the win, ATK goalkeeper, Arindam Bhattacharya, spoke about his team's performances of late, as he said, "The team won because I saved a goal at the last minute, so many are giving me the credit for that.  That sounds good, but it's a challenge for any keeper to return to the dressing room keeping the aim intact. That's what I did. This is my job. If not, why would the champion team keep me in the team? However, it is a fact that we are back on the road to victory after defeating a team that may be in the long fight of the championship. This will help boost the confidence of the team before the Bengaluru match."

"As many are saying or writing that we have played with a defensive strategy. There is a difference between a defensive game and a tactical game. Our target against Goa was to stifle them in the midfield and make them disappointed. Then, to score a goal in the counter-attack whenever the opportunity arises. We succeeded in that. And, playing against teams that can be in the championship fight, the first target always stays undefeated," added Bhattacharya.

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"Bengaluru does not look as strong as last year. At least Sunil Chhetri and others have not played like that yet. But, there is no reason to underestimate them. We won against Goa and we are 100 per cent hopeful that the way our defencing side is playing, we will be able to keep our aim intact against Bengaluru," he reckoned.

Also, Man of the Match, Carl McHugh, expressed his confidence on being able to score goals, as he stated, "I have been the man of the match in two of the six matches, which has boosted my confidence. I am happy with my form and I have to hold it. If one can play with the teammates of the champion team, he can improve his own game. I am trying to do the same."

"After Goa, we have to play against Bengaluru this time. Another tough opponent comes before us. The team is strong in all areas. But, we have to get points in this match to achieve where we want to reach in the league table," he figured.

"Sunil Chhetri is the Brand Ambassador of the Indian Football. He is a great quality footballer. So, have to keep an eye on him. Apart from Sunil, there are several other good footballers in the Bengaluru team. We will keep a close eye on them too," he continued.

"Xavi Hernandez is a great footballer. He is not in the team now due to injury. This is a big loss to us. When he returns to the team, not only for me, the confidence of the whole team will increase," concluded McHugh.