Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden is inching closer to the victory mark in the US Presidential election.

Till last count, Biden had won over 250 votes as compared to 214 for Donald Trump.

Biden is confident he is winning enough states to take the US presidency, despite key results still outstanding.

Even though key states warn of delays in reporting results, Biden says he has already won the most votes of any presidential candidate ever. 

A fact check reveals that Biden's claim is true. 

As of 08:30 AM IST on Thursday, Biden has won 71.8 million voters compared to Trump's 68.2 million.

Meanwhile, Trump's campaign has launched legal action in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Why has Trump campaign filed lawsuits?

Georgia: Lawsuit over claim that late postal ballots were added to a stack of ballots that arrived on time in Chatham County.

Michigan: Lawsuit to stop officials counting ballots. 

Pennsylvania: Lawsuit against the state's decision to count ballots that are postmarked by election day but arrive up to three days later.

Wisconsin: Lawsuit seeking a recount based on "abnormalities" seen on Tuesday