The sensational murder mystery of Barasat involving 28-year old Manua has witnessed a new turn of events. Police, after interrogating Manua and her 26-year old lover Ajit, deduced that Manua was the mastermind of her husband- 34-year-old Anupam Sinha's murder. However, the reason behind it is yet to be determined. 

Police believe that there could be three reasons why she murdered her husband, whom she apparently loved so much. One, all the property that Anupam owned had Manua as the nominee; two, she wanted to get married to her long-time lover Ajit; three, she was pretending to be Anupam's soulmate, but hated him otherwise as she felt chained by the marriage. 

According to Ajit Roy, Manua's boyfriend, she was a very ambitious girl and wanted high stature in society. In that case, killing Anupam and staying with Ajit does not make sense since the latter did not earn much. Anupam, on the other hand, was a manager in a travel agency and earned decently. 

Manua and Anupam, apparently were a very happy couple who admired each other for their qualities.

However, it turns out to be so that Manua wanted all the property in her name and therefore wanted to kill her husband. She also did not like his parents coming over and staying with them every now and then. This, however, contradicts the video footage of a Valentine's Day picnic within a year of their marriage. Here, Manua and Anupam are seen showering each other with praises. Manua tells their friends how Anupam takes care of her parents and her family and how he is trying his best to fulfill all her wishes. Anupam, on the other hand, was happy that Manua had adjusted well with his family of 18 who were in Bangladesh.

Things, however, stood otherwise. Manua had other plots in her mind and to cover it up, she pretended to be a loving wife to Anupam. On May 3, she called Ajit and gave him details about her husband's movement so that he could decide when and how to kill him. Initially, she wished to be present at the crime scene and see her husband die. But, to avert any suspicion, she stayed away but ensured that Ajit kept the phone receiver on when he murdered him so that she could hear him cry in agony.