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'Why should techbros have all the fun?': Bengaluru auto driver goes viral for using office chair while driving

The article highlights a viral photo of a Bengaluru auto-rickshaw driver using an office chair while driving, generating humorous reactions on social media, and adds to a list of unique encounters in the city.

Why should techbros have all the fun Bengaluru auto driver goes viral for using office chair while driving snt
First Published Sep 24, 2023, 9:30 AM IST

In yet another quintessential "peak Bengaluru" moment, a viral photo has surfaced on social media featuring an auto-rickshaw driver seated in an office chair while driving his three-wheeler. The image was originally shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by user Anuj Bansal. This unique chair, commonly used by gamers or individuals spending long hours in front of computer screens, has sparked quite a buzz online.

Anuj Bansal captioned the post on the social media platform with a playful remark, "Why should techbros have all the fun?" Since its sharing, the post has garnered a whopping 1.9 lakh views and approximately three thousand likes.

One observer humorously commented, "Gaming chair! Must be a serious gamer before."

Another individual noted, "Lower back health matters to everyone."

A user on X emphasized, "Ergonomic setup prevents occupational hazards..."

A keen observer described it as a "peak Bengaluru moment."

Another commenter quipped, "Bro has an ultra-realistic driving setup."

Someone amusingly dubbed it an "ergonomic auto."

This incident only adds to the list of unique and amusing encounters that people often experience in Bengaluru. Just a month ago, a woman shared her own "peak Bengaluru moment" when she recounted her encounter with an auto-rickshaw driver who gave her a humorous ultimatum about waiting time.

According to her story, she had booked a ride through Uber but couldn't make it to the pick-up location on time. The auto driver, in a light-hearted exchange through the application's messaging service, humorously pinged her with messages like, "I've arrived," and, "Time is over," when the customer failed to connect. This comical incident led to a flurry of humorous reactions on the internet.

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