A message is being shared widely over Whatsapp with regard to the government giving free Tablet PCs given students.

The message comes with a link that asks people to register to get a free tablet pc from the government.

It reads: "Many students don't have proper facilities like smartphones or laptops to take online classes and exams. So government is providing free tablets to all the students. So that students can complete their education with the help of online classes (sic)." 

The message also requests "that for convenience of people, share the message as much as possible so that people who need free tablets can get them and the literacy rate of our country can improve."

The government has now confirmed that this message is a hoax.

Issuing a clarification, the government says that this claim is fake and that there has been no such announcement that has been made.

So, be careful and break the fake news chain. Stop sharing the fraudent message NOW.