Arrested Al-Qaeda militant Al Mamun Kamal revealed some shocking facts during his interrogation. He said with funds from different states, Madrasa Shishu Shiksha Kendra was set up in Murshidabad. However, this Madrasa was used for illegal activities in the state. Taking advantage of the helplessness and poverty of the villagers, the Al Qaeda operators have done many crimes in Murshidabad. Many villagers were brainwashed and forced to become militants.

According to sources, the captured al-Qaeda militant 'Al Mamun Kamal, a resident of Naodapara area of Domkal, used to brainwash local children under the guise of setting up a private madrasa children's education center in the area. According to local sources, Al Mamun was asked to get financial help from the state of Kerala to run the educational institution.

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However, it is known that not only funds from different states helped the center but also the receipts were printed locally to raise money in the name of 'West Naodapara Mini Shishu Shiksha Madrasa'. For a couple of years, Al Mamun was desperate to gain influence in the area, therefore, he started his work. Many startling facts were revealed from the villagers when questioned about Al Mamun Kamal.

Al Mamun introduced himself to the villagers as a very simple man who has two children. Keeping that image, Al Mamun travelled from Kerala to various places in Bengaluru in the past, raising money in the name of the educational institution.

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Until the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested Al Mamun, he used to interact with people in the area in a normal way. As a result, it is known that there was no way one could understand his activities from outside. Even Al Mamun’s father, Farz Ali Mandal, was shocked by his son's militant activities. His father said that he had no clue how such an incident took place. However, if the boy was involved in any militant activity, he should be punished.

On the other hand, the parents who had sent their children to the Madrasa Kendra for education have kept their mouths shut. It was known that various types of meetings and consultations were going on in the educational institution until late night. It is predicted that the parents might have participated in the meeting.

NIA is trying to find out how the meeting was organized. However, the NIA is desperate to find out how far the militant training work route has spread in the area.