Kolkata: Dr Radhakrishnan's birthday is celebrated as Teachers’ Day since September 5, 1982. Bobby Hakim greeted the teachers of Chetla Girls’ School after attending a function on Teachers’ Day on Saturday. (September 5). President of the Opposition party Dilip Ghosh was sharply criticised by Firhad Hakim on the topic of COVID-19 situation in the state.

Firhad Hakim said, “Dilip Ghosh’s head is infected with COVID-19. West Bengal has controlled the rate of COVID-19 infection the most. The number of deaths and the number of patients is less in West Bengal compared to other states. The recovery rate is much higher. Dilip Ghosh and his party members are playing politics with the COVID-19 situation.”

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They didn’t impose lockdown when it was necessary. They did all kinds of meaningless activities when it was important to impose lockdown. When the petrol-diesel prices were lower in the world, the prices were higher here. The price of potatoes is also going high. The government is monitoring the price of potatoes every day,” he further added.

On the other hand, regarding the NEET examinations being held on September 13, Dilip Ghosh had alleged that the state government has declared lockdown on September 7 and 11 to harass the NEET students.

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Reacting to this statement, Firhad Hakim said, “Dilip Babu does not want the students to study at home, he wants the students to take part in BJP rally”.

“Dr Radhakrishnan's birthday has been celebrated as Teachers’ Day since September 5, 1982. He believed that the most intelligent people in the country should be teachers. While Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5 in other countries of the world, this day is celebrated on September 5 in India,” Hakim added.