In a meeting on Tuesday (December 15), BJP national vice-president Mukul Roy said that the Trinamool Congress will not even get 100 seats out of the total 294 seats in the 2021 Bengal polls.

Roy said that all those who are distancing themselves from BJP because of certain misunderstandings must return to the party.
At a meeting of BJP workers at Shimurali in Nadia district, Mukul Roy said, “I am very confident that the TMC will not even get 100 seats in the upcoming state polls.”

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“Ask TMC to say how many seats they think they will win,” he added.

Mukul Roy also said, “I would want all the BJP workers to stay unite and give a tough fight to the TMC in the upcoming Bengal polls. Keep all the misunderstandings and ego aside, let’s fight it together. Amit Shah Ji wants at least 200 seats in Bengal to turn it into Sonar Bangla and dethrone the TMC from Bengal.”

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Mukul Roy, who was a prominent leader of the Trinamool Congress, slammed Mamata Banerjee government for misusing funds given by the Centre post Cyclone Amphan.