The assembly polls are approaching in the Kindom of Kalkata. The main battle of the election is between Janata Janardhan Party vs. Kalmiful Party. There is another party called Raktajaba. However, Raktajaba's popularity has gone to dead in the ballot box. Sukumari Devi's Kalmiful party is at the forefront of the fight for power. However, Minister Khardeep has fought hard to keep the Janata Janardhan party in power. To win the election, the Janata Janardhan party wants to take an internationally famous Hadu-du player popularly known as Janopriyodada in their team. To know the rest of the story, read below-

Why Janopriyodada has become so important for the Election-
Minister Khardeep is very tensed as to what will happen. Nobody knew Janopriyodada’s physical condition would deteriorate.  Minister Kharadip is continuously asking him what happened? In fact, there is no one in the state of Bengal who is as respected as Janopriyodada. The citizens of Kalkata rely on him and consider him as their idol. The people of Kalkata desperately want Janopriyodada to take over the charges of the miserable state. However, janopriyodada do not seem to have much of an interest in it. In fact, Janopriyodada is only focused on playing Hadu-du. The game has given nationwide fame to Janopriyodada. Not only in the field of game, but there is also no competitor of Janopriyodada in terms of intelligence. However, after bidding farewell to the Hadu-du game, Janopriyodadaa is focused to take the game to number one in the world. Meanwhile, Minister Khardip wants to make Janopriyodada a candidate for the post of King in the next elections. Minister Khardip believes that only Janopriyodada can change the miserable condition of the state and shape it nicely with his sharp intelligence. Apart from this, another diplomacy is also working on the head of the old minister Kharadip. This diplomacy is known as politics in the game of power. Minister Khardeep is wanting to make Janopriyodada a candidate for the post of King to defeat the opposition Kalmiful party. Minister Khardeep thinks that if this Kalmiful party comes to power, it will destroy everything in the state. Sukumari Devi is the leader of Kalmiful party. Minister Kharadip is fighting to keep the government formed under the leadership of Janata Janadarna party. He is striving hard to take Janopriyodada to his party. 

At Last Minister Khardeep Revelas the Plan infront of Janopriyodada-  
Minister Kharadip had conversation with Janopriyodada many a time. But whenever he told Janopriyodada to join his party, Janopriyodada refused it. This time, after trying hard, Minister Kharadip brought Janopriyodada to the palace. Minister Kharadip has told Janopriyodada about the miserable condition of the state, the corruption done by Sukumari Devi and her party. Janopriyodada did not comment on anything. He just gave a sweet smile and went back home. After getting such response from Janopriyodada, Minister Kharadip started to think that his dreams will come true soon. Minister Kharadip started to believe that the state will now come to a proper shape after Janopriyodada takes all the responsibilities. But what happened suddenly? Why Janopriyodada fell sick? He never looked sick when he had a conversation with me. Minister Kharadip said that Janopriyodada looked so cheerful when he came to the place for a meeting, They talked about 10 Minutes Hadu-du Mega League. That has just introduced to the whole world by Janopriyodada and his associates.

Minister Kharadip Deployes Spy In front of the Hospital, Akshoda Chapter revealed-
Minister Kharadip has deployed his people in disguise in front of the hospital. The news of who is visiting the hospital to meet Janopriyodada is going directly to Minister Kharadip. Meanwhile, Minister Kharadip has come to know through a spy that Akshoda has visited Janopriyodada’s house. After so many years, why is Akshoda suddenly in the house of Janopriyodada? Minister Kharadip is thinking about the answer to this question with intense thought. Minister Kharadip is very tensed after Akshoda visited Janopriyodada’s house. He is palpitating and sweating. Minister Kharadip is not being able to understand the reason for the visit. His turban almost slipped in thought. He has a fear that Akshoda might brainwash Janopriyodada and take him to his side. Minister Kharadip started to think that the world is full of conspirators. However, Akshoda has a very close bond with Janopriyodadaa. At one time Akshoda's party Raktajaba ruled the state of Bengal. During that era, Janopriyodada became famous in the world of sports and also became a close friend of Akshoda. Although Akshoda is out of power now, but he never fails to create a good bond with Dada. But why he suddenly visited Janopriyodada’s house? Minister Kharadip wants to know the truth by hook or by crook.

The Mysterious Smile of Janopriyodada- 
Minister Kharadip has informed his people that he wants to get all the information about those who have visited Janopriyodada’s house in the last one month and those who have called him. Surveillance must be increased above all the people. Minister Kharadip thinks that something is fishy about the situation. He cannot understand how a healthy man went straight to the ICU of the hospital! Janopriyodada’s heart condition is critical. Doctors have placed stents in his heart. The hospital where Janopriyodada is being treated is not giving any update on Janopriyodada’s health. The hospital authorities are saying that they can not provide any information because it is against medical norms and patent’s privacy. Minister Kharadip became furious after hearing all of these. He wants to cancel the license of the hospital. But thinking about Janopriyodada and his followers, he can’t take the risk before the polls. Minister Kharadip is thinking day and night about the present situation. According to sources, Sukumari Devi, the leader of the Kalmiful party, has subdued the authorities of the hospital. She has promised to give the hospital a multi-specialty license if he wins the election and comes to power. Minister Kharadip went to the hospital to meet Janopriyodada. He was not allowed inside the ICU. The doctors of the medical board said that outsiders are not being allowed to enter inside the ICU. After going through a major operation So, standing in front of the glass window outside the ICU, Minister Kharadip waved his hand to Janopriyodada. However, Janopriyodada responded back to him with a smile. Minister Kharadip thinks that there was something hidden in the smile.

At Last Proofs Come to Minister Kharadip-
Minister Kharadip is jumping in the palace with intense pride. Meanwhile, a picture came up on his WhatsApp today. In the picture, Sukamari Devi is seen sitting in front of a monitor. The monitor shows the Janopriyodada lying in the ICU bed. The person who forwarded the picture told Minister Kharadip that Sukumari Devi told Janopriyodada not to worry. She assured Janopriyodada that she will take care of everything. She requested Janopriyodada not to enter into politics. What has been speculated for so long now seems to be a conspiracy. Minister Kharadip is not able to think what he will answer in front of the president of the International Janata Janardhan party. Minister Kharadip assured the president that this time he will make Janopriyodada the face of Janata Janardhan party. The Janata Janardhan party cannot be removed from Bengal by the Kalmiful party. Alas! Everything is gone now. Minister Kharadip shouted and called his faithful servant. He asked for the call details of Akshoda. Minister Kharadip took the call list in his hand and started to check. He got shocked while checking the call list. Sukumari Devi has spoken to Akshoda on the phone more than five hundred times in the last one month. Even on the day when Minister Kharadip met Janopriyodada, four times call went from Sukumari Devi’s phone to Akshoda.
After Minister Kharadip’s meeting with Janopriyodada, Sukumari Devi and Akshoda called individually to Janopriyodada. The thing that Minister Kharadip feared happened in reality.

The Pressure Will Be On And Chase Board is Opened- 
Minister Kharadip has now fixed his own plan of action. He just has to keep up the pressure. He will not leave the field. He will show Sukumari Devi that he is capable to win the elections. Minister Kharadip called Thakursaheb and Motabhai. 
Motabhai is working with Janopriyodada to develop the game of Hadu-du. Thakursaheb is working behind them. Both of them will go to visit Janopriyodada. No matter how many people Sukumari Devi puts in the hospital cabin of Janopriyodada, Minister Kharadip will break all the barriers. Meanwhile, Sukumari Devi has brought famous cardio surgeon Sethsaheb to treat Janopriyodada. Minister Kharadip is well aware of the games played by Sukumari Devi. He has arranged the chess board on the table very well. Minister Kharadip is determined to take Janopriyodada on his side. While lying in the ICU bed, Janopriyodada is thinking that al his prestige got punctured. He made a blunder delving himself into politics. Janopriyodada is wishing the elections to go away as fast as possible. It is creating a huge mess. While thinking all about these, the alarm of the ICU rang very badly.

(This article is based on a few fictional characters, do not try to find any similarities with reality)