West Bengal BJP vice-president Dilip Ghosh commented on Suvendu Adhikari’s resignation from the state cabinet. 

Ghosh said, “Suvendu’s leaving the state cabinet was unlikely. Employees of the TMC party are not able to work with dignity. So many people like Suvendu are angry with the party leader. Suvendu Adhikari's resignation says that the decline of the TMC has begun.”

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“Leader like Suvendu has been with the TMC party for a long time. Their contribution is huge for the party. But they didn’t get the respect they deserved. This party has been filled with all kinds of corruption. Those who want to work with dignity have left the Trinamool party. For example, Soumitra Khan has joined the BJP from the Trinamool Congress because was not getting any honor or dignity while he was in the TMC,” he added.

Dilip Ghosh also said, “As of now, there is no news that Suvendu will join the BJP. We would be glad to welcome a leader like him to our party. Bengal needs leaders like Suvendu.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dilip Ghosh said that he had received news from the media that Suvendu has spoken to the BJP leaders. Dilip Ghosh claims that he is not aware of any such news even though he is the state president of the BJP. He also agreed to talk to Shuvendu if necessary. 

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The BJP state president further said, “Many leaders and workers are constantly leaving the Trinamool and joining the BJP. Even North Bengal Trinamool MLA Mihir Goswami is now in Delhi. At the end of his speech, Ghosh once again said that the disintegration of the Trinamool has started even before the assembly polls. This fact proves that the Trinamool party is now in disarray. “As time goes by, there will be nothing left as Trinamool party, “claims Dilip Ghosh.