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Ram Navami 2024: Ayodhya's Ram Lalla adorned in yellow attire after Divya Abhishekam; WATCH mangal aarti

The Ram Temple in Ayodhya conducted the Divya Abhishekam of Ram Lalla on Wednesday (April 17) on the occasion of Ram Navami. The newly-built grand temple is celebrating its first Ram Navami after the consecration ceremony that took place in January this year.

Ram Navami 2024: Ayodhya's Ram Lalla adorned in yellow attire after DIvya Abhishekam; WATCH mangal aarti anr
First Published Apr 17, 2024, 10:36 AM IST

On the auspicious day of Ram Navami, 'Divya Abhishekam' of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya's Ram Mandir was performed earlier today. Ram Navami is being celebrated for the first time in Ayodhya's Ram temple after the Pran Pratishtha in January this year. The temple was opened early in the morning to facilitate visits until late at night.

After the Divya Abhishekam, Ram Lalla was adorned in beautiful and vibrant yellow attire, the colour that resembles Sun, as Lord Ram belonged to the Ikshvaku dynasty.

The birth of Lord Ram is marked on Ram Navami It is celebrated on the Navami tithi of Shukla paksha of Chaitra month every year. Lord Shri Ram is the 7th incarnation in the dashavtars of Lord Vishnu. 

He appeared with His three brothers, Bharata, Laxmana and Shatrughna, in Treta Yuga as the sons of King Dasharatha in the Surya dynasty of king Ikshavaku.

The 'Surya Abhishek' ceremony of Lord Ram Lalla is scheduled to occur around 12:15 pm today, facilitated by high-quality mirrors and lenses. 

"Surya Abhishek" is a captivating amalgamation of the words "Surya" (sun) and "abhishek" (a ceremonial ritual), representing a fascinating phenomenon blending optics and mechanics.

During this ritual, meticulous arrangements are made to channel the sun's rays precisely onto the forehead of the deity. This act serves as a profound symbol of reverence and devotion, showcasing the intricate interplay between spirituality and scientific innovation.

Additionally, an official has announced an extension of visiting hours for devotees at Ayodhya Ram Mandir until 11 pm today. Ram Lalla was also offered the Chappan Bhog today.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (April 17) took to X to express his joy on the occasion of Ram Navami, highlighting the significance of this year's celebration as the first since the enthronement of Ram Lalla in the grand Ram temple of Ayodhya. He conveyed his heartfelt greetings to the nation, stressing the deep-rooted connection of Lord Shri Ram with the Indian ethos and the collective consciousness of its people.

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