A shocking incident took place in West Bengal’s East Burdwan. A Maheshtala-based app-cab driver, who had picked up three passengers from Rani Rashmoni Road in Esplanade to take them to East Burdwan late on Friday (November 6), was gagged and tied up at gunpoint, and later thrown off the moving car in Ambona village in the Bhatar area of the district.

The driver, Khursid Ahmed, was rescued by two villagers on Sunday (November 8) and treated at a local hospital.

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After regaining consciousness, the victim said, “When I reached East Burdwan, the passengers asked me to drive towards Gobindpur in Aushgram. After we reached there, they asked me to drive towards Shaktigarh. At Ambona, they put me at gunpoint, taped my mouth, and tied my arms and legs before beating me up. They took around Rs 7,000 in cash, car documents and my cell phone. They threw me on a field. I was unconscious.”

The East Burdwan police have sent a team for local enquiries in Kolkata and have contacted city police for help in tracking down the vehicles. 

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A police officer said, “The cab driver is in a stable condition now. Police are trying to track down the stolen cab and arrest the accused.”