According to a recent circular issued by the premier institute IIT, 11 marks bonus will be given away to students who have attempted the three ambiguous questions in the advanced papers of JEE, held on May 21. Two of the questions were from the mathematics section and one was from the Physics section. In two other questions- from Physics and Chemistry-marks will be given for any of the two answers given by the IITs. 

The institutes came to this decision after reviewing question papers internally. The answer key of JEE(A) was released on Sunday.

Speaking to TOI, V V Acharya, a teacher from Pace Junior Science College said no one could solve the Physics question on rotational dynamics. He said, "What was wanted in the question was not clearly known. The IITs have rightly decided to give bonus marks for that question. The other question, which was from the same topic, could have been interpreted in more than one way. Some students may have wanted to challenge it but the IITs will give marks for both the right answers."

In the mathematics section too, bonus marks will be given for the one incorrect question. For this question, no answer was matching. The teacher further said, "in the other question, we were not anticipating bonus marks, but IIT played it safe as there was ambiguity."

In Chemistry on the other hand, a question had two right answers and marks will be given for any one of them. The institute also said that of any challenges are valid and genuine, it will be incorporated in the final answer key. Close to 1.74 lakh students across the country had registered for the test. 

In 2016, students accrued bonus marks for three questions. In 2015, they got bonus for only one ambiguous question. Students who appeared for the test have continued to get partial marks. As per the scheme introduced last year, students will get one mark for each of the correct options in questions which have multiple right answers, provided no incorrect option is selected.