One mystery after another is unravelling around the addition of international militant organizations to Murshidabad. The officials of the National Investigation Agency want to find out all the mysteries related to the international militant group Al-Qaeda. Therefore, they raided Murshidabad once again. This time, the NIA brought with them Leon Ahmed, a temporary electrician at Domkal Basantapur College, a member of the international Islamic militant group Al-Qaeda, who had been arrested earlier from Murshidabad.

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On the same day (September 29), in the presence of BSF officials, the representatives of the National Investigation Agency searched Leon Ahmed’s house to look for missing links. The officials of the National Investigation Agency searched Leon Ahmed’s house in his presence. After a long search, a number of electronic gadgets were found from the house.

However, the delegation did not want to comment on the matter. After spending some time with Leon Ahmed, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) along with BSF officials rushed out of his house and appeared in Jalangi.

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According to reports, the NIA was informed by a source that few sleeper cell members of the international militant group Al-Qaeda were hiding in Jalangi. The search started in Jalangi area to find the members of the sleeper cell. However, no information has been received on whether the sleeper cell members were found out by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and BSF.