In a new twist to the Mathura Namaz case investigation, one of those accused of offering prayers inside a temple has been reportedly linked to anti-citizenship act protests.

Photos have emerged of Faisal Khan, who was arrested in connection along with 3 others for offering prayers inside at Nand Baba temple in Barasana yesterday, addressing anti-CAA protesters at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi and other places. These photos were reportedly found on his Facebook page.

Faisal Khan is the founder of Delhi-based social organisation Khudai Khidmatgar which was actively involved in several anti-CAA protests around the country

Two others apart from the accused have also been named in the FIR, which was filed on the basis of a complaint lodged by Nandbaba temple priest Kanha Goswami. 

In his complaint, the priest claimed that all four told him that they were on a tour for the past four days and wanted to perform the 84 kosi parikrama of the temple. 

The priest said, "Faisal Khan has knowledge of Sanatan Dharm. He talked about Ramayan and Ramcharitmanas. I gave them prasad and they left. But I am unaware when they came back and offered namaz at the back side of the shrine." 

The complaint read: "Without informing or taking permission from those at the temple premises, they offered their namaz here. Those who came with them took photos of them praying and posted it on social media, after which it became viral. This is also being shown in the news. Because of their acts, the sentiments of the Hindu community have been hurt. We are apprehensive that they will incorrectly use the image of the temple. We also have our apprehensions regarding this organisation and if it is getting funding from foreign Muslim institutions and has relations with them. We would like an investigation as we are worried that they did this to hurt the harmony in the area."