In a horrifying incident in Delhi's Mehrauli area, a man-Vipin Chand Joshi- was found in a chopped state in his friend's fridge. He was reportedly missing since 5 days. His friend Badal Mandal, whose house his remains were found in, is also reportedly missing. Both of them were bartenders in a South Delhi restaurant and resided in the same locality.

Joshi went missing on Oct 9 when his brother approached the police and lodged a missing person's complaint. During investigation, police found that both the men were last seen leaving from work together on the same day. Their employer said that they did not come to work after that. Some other sources suggested that they were last seen outside Mandal's house.

Police said that Mandal, who hailed from West Bengal, lived with his wife and two children, but had sent them back recently. Speaking to The Indian Express, police said, "When we went to Mandal’s house in Saidulajab to look for Joshi, we found it locked from the outside. Our team broke open the door and saw blood spattered all across the house. A foul smell was emanating and the refrigerator door was left ajar. The body, cut in pieces, was in the refrigerator, inside black plastic bags."

The body parts were found to be that of Vipin. A meat chopper was also discovered from the fridge. Additional DCP (south) Chinmoy Biswal said that the prime suspect now is Mandal, until further developments. A team has been sent to West Bengal to find him.