Netizens have been left in shock and awe after a video of a man giving a snake a head bath surfaced. Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda shared the video on Twitter on Sunday.

In the video, the cobra seems to be enjoying the shower, as the man is seen pouring water on the snake's head using a bucket.

Susanta Nanda took to Twitter and wrote, "Summer time..And who doesn't like a nice head bath," Nanda wrote in the caption. He also warned netizens, "Can be dangerous. Please don't try."

Check out the video here:

Meanwhile, a Twitter user commented that the man in the video is Vava Suresh, who is a renowned wildlife conservationist and a snake expert.

The IFS officer too confirmed it and commented “Yes” below the Tweet.

But according to sources, Suresh has refused the claim and said the person in the video is not him.