West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee will not be present at the meeting in Nandigram on January 7. However, TMC leader Subrata Bakshi will be present in the meeting. Ramnagar MLA Akhil Giri announced the news on Monday (December 28). 

Akhil Giri said, “Mamata Banerjee wanted to hold a meeting in Nandigram on January 7. The preparations of the meeting were going on in full swing. However, the chief minister will not be able to attend the meeting.”

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January 7 is an important day for Nandigram. Three activists lost their lives 13 years ago on this day. Mamata Banerjee decided to hold a meeting on this day for the purpose of the movement in Nandigram which started in 2007. Banerjee decided to hold a public meeting on January 7 but it got canceled.

However, Ramnagar MLA Akhil Giri did not say anything about the exact reason for canceling the schedule. However, as soon as this news came to light, speculation started. Besides, Mamata Banerjee is presently in Bolpur. She will be doing a roadshow on Tuesday (December 29). 

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The chief minister has also planned to visit North Bengal in the upcoming days. Mamata Banerjee said that although she will not be present in the meeting at Nandigram, however, the meeting will not be canceled. Trinamool leaders and ministers will be present at the meeting.