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Karnataka Muslim man wears Ayyappa mala, set to visit Sabarimala temple

Bablu, belonging to the Muslim community, and residing in Gurmitkal, Karnataka has taken the vow to visit Sabarimala temple and is following the 41-day strict rituals as Ayyappa devotee

Karnataka Muslim man wears Ayyappa mala, set to visit Sabarimala temple
Gurmitkal, First Published Dec 2, 2019, 1:25 PM IST
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Gurmitkal (Karnataka): A Muslim man has set an example for spreading communal harmony and has been lauded by many.

Bablu, residing in Karnataka’s Gurmitkal, has become a devotee of Swami Ayyappa and is wearing the traditional Ayyappa mala (a vow to visit the Sabarimala temple after following 41 days of strict rules), and following all the rituals.

Bablu works as a driver in a private company in Gurmitkal. Originally, he hails from Osmanabad in Maharashtra. He is said to be inspired by his owner Narendra Rathod and decided to wear the Ayyappa mala for the first time.

He started following the ritual on November 28 and will continue to follow it for 41 days.

Watching him perform the rituals and worship Ayyappa has left even the Hindu worshippers in awe. He is strictly following all the rules the Ayyappa devotees are to follow.

Before entering the Sabarimala temple in Kerala, Ayyappa devotees walk through the forest to the shrine of Vavar.

Especially those who are wearing the Ayyappa mala for the first time visit this Vavar shrine without fail. It is believed that visiting this temple will ensure the safe arrival of devotees to Sabarimala temple, when devotees walk through the forest.

Speaking on taking the Ayyappa vow, Bablu said, “I am really happy that I took the decision to be Ayyappa devotee. I had thought about doing so earlier too. But this time my thoughts have turned into reality and I am happy about it.”

Another devotee said that anyone irrespective of religion can be an Ayyappa devotee and visit the Sabarimala temple.

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