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Jagan Out of Touch: Still failing to realize harsh reality

Is Jagan’s party unable to accept their significant defeat, or are they deluding themselves into believing they haven’t been defeated badly? Jagan won 151 seats, distributing crores to every section, yet if he were truly successful, he should have won all 175 seats.

Jagan Out of Touch: Still Failing to Realize Harsh Reality
First Published Jul 5, 2024, 2:17 PM IST


-Written By Venugopal Bollampalli | Editor | Asianet News Telugu

Does Jagan understand the situation, or is he deluding himself into believing that his perspective is correct? YSRCP leaders claim they have 40% of the vote share and that this alone ensured Modi’s position as Prime Minister, arguing that they did not suffer a significant defeat. However, if they have 40%, it implies that 60% opposed them, a realization that seems to elude the party.
Digging deeper, in Andhra Pradesh's population, only one out of every four people supports Jagan’s party, while the remaining three are either opposed to YSRCP or are neutral.

Is Jagan’s party unable to accept their significant defeat, or are they deluding themselves into believing they haven’t been defeated badly? Jagan won 151 seats in 2019, distributing crores to every section, yet if he were truly successful, he should have won all 175 seats in recent elections. Even with alliances and countervotes, they should have at least secured 75 seats, but they didn’t. This indicates intense opposition against Jagan among the people, a reality Jagan seems unable to comprehend.

Reasons for Jagan’s Defeat

Jagan continuously claims that people were misled to vote for the alliance and speaks as if the voters were crazy. He argues that only a 10% vote shift brought the alliance to power. Before making such statements, Jagan should look back. Just days before the elections, some MLAs switched from his party, and his surveys revealed significant opposition against some members.

Consequently, he gave tickets to candidates in different constituencies instead of where they initially won. Despite announcing Vizag as the capital, he knew in advance that Vijayasai Reddy couldn't win from there. Moreover, opposition from within his own family, including his sister and mother, added to the growing discontent among the people against Jagan. If he continues to believe that everything he thinks is correct, ignoring this realization, the YSRCP and its followers will face severe disappointment.

Kommineni Srinivasa Rao’s Realization Absent in Jagan

Even senior journalist Kommineni Srinivasa Rao, who was a staunch supporter of Jagan, analyzed in an article how the YSRCP went astray and acknowledged the reality. However, the realization seen in Kommineni is absent in Jagan. Despite a massive defeat, there has been no change in the demeanor of Andhra Pradesh CM Jaganmohan Reddy. He spent five years avoiding the public, media, and questions, and continues in the same manner even now.

For the first time after the elections, Jagan visited the public, specifically meeting former MLA Pinnelli, who is in remand at the Nellore Central Jail. They spoke for about half an hour. Afterwards, Jagan expressed his anger and frustration in front of the media.

Pinnelli: The Gentle, Pure Soul who Smashed an EVM

After Pinnelli smashed an EVM, which was recorded on CCTV and led to his arrest, Jagan stated that Pinnelli did nothing wrong, describing him as a good, gentle, and pure person. This statement baffled even some of Jagan's ardent supporters. Jagan accused the Chandrababu government of vindictive actions and warned of consequences, yet there was no change in his approach. His Nellore visit was conducted with the same attitude that he doesn’t need to answer anyone’s questions.

Jagan Needs to Connect with the People Now

While speaking to the media at Nellore Central Jail, Jagan articulated his thoughts clearly without referring to notes, expressing his feelings for about 15-20 minutes. However, in the past five years, he never dared to speak without notes. During his tenure, he directly addressed the media only once during an early visit to Delhi and twice during COVID. Otherwise, he read from prepared notes or released edited videos.

Jagan’s disconnection from the public contributed to his defeat. After the election results, fans, leaders, and party members struggled to meet him. Despite many fans gathering in Tadepalli, Pulivendula, and Bengaluru after the results, he didn't show his face to anyone. It’s reported that he permitted visitors only on his return journey from Bengaluru.

Critics Suggest Jagan Should Learn to Listen

Jagan dislikes answering questions or welcoming them. Since entering politics, this has been his consistent approach. Initially, he felt no need to talk to the media, believing they were against him, according to his close associates. He maintained this stance during his opposition period after the state bifurcation and throughout the past five years. Jagan expects everyone to listen to him but never shows an interest in understanding what the people think or say.

Moving Away from the Praise Brigade

Jagan has distanced himself from the public, spending five years in a self-imposed confinement at his Tadepalli residence, believing everything was going perfectly. He convinced himself that he had done everything for the people but never attempted to recognize their struggles or shortcomings. He believed direct cash transfer schemes were enough and that the people needed nothing more. His advisors, understanding his mindset, acted accordingly. Knowing he disliked accepting uncomfortable truths, they acted diplomatically.

Even after a significant electoral defeat, Jagan fails to recognize his mistakes. Those who earned crores through government-funded surveys and reports are no longer seen at Tadepalli. Jagan continues to blindly believe the words of his praise brigade, making irrelevant statements to the public.

Volunteers: The System You Created Has Turned Against You

The volunteer system, intended to act as a bridge to deliver government schemes to the people, ultimately backfired. Initially, volunteers worked with good conduct, but over time, their behavior changed. They began to show bias, attempting to secure votes for Jagan’s party by intimidating the public that they wouldn’t receive benefits or funds without YSRCP support. This suspicion among the public against the volunteers turned into discontent against Jagan. The arrogance and partisan behavior of the volunteers, treating themselves like party workers and misappropriating government schemes, fueled dissatisfaction among the people.

Will You Build Three Capitals Again if Re-elected?

The decision to establish three capitals is widely regarded as a blunder, even among Jagan’s critics. However, YSRCP fails to grasp this even after the defeat. Recently, Ex Minister Botsa Satyanarayana’s statements suggest that they might campaign on the promise of three capitals again if re-elected. Despite being reduced to just 11 seats and nearly losing opposition status, Botsa still insists on the three capitals stance. It remains to be seen how the YSRCP cadre, who trust Jagan, will react if this continues.

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